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Importantes tips para proteger nuestro medio ambiente

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En pleno siglo XXI la contaminación ambiental ha ido aumentando a la par de nuestros descuidos como seres humanos. Nuestras acciones cotidianas causan frecuentemente el deterioro de nuestra tierra, que ya en más de una vez nos puso en alerta roja por cierto desastre natural. Sin embargo, el propio hombre, así como problema, puede ser la solución para disminuir estos acontecimientos del mañana.

You will learn how easy it is to apply healthy tips to every aspect of your life to dramatically improve your health and the health of our precious environment. Our goal is to create a healthy living environment in our immediate surroundings. Therefore, we need to focus on the following:

  • Why we get illnesses and diseases.
  • How to identify the culprits that make us sick.
  • How to avoid these culprits by using simple tips, tasks and ideas.

My ultimate goal is to encourage every visitor to make some change, big or small, to improve their health, because together we can make huge contributions in improving the health of our natural environment and inadvertently, improve the health of all living things.

  1. 1.       Protect our Environment!

Do we need to protect our environment? Just take a look at these beautiful pictures of breathtaking landscapes. It doesn’t seem like we have to. But in reality, harmful pollutants are poisoning our planet and all living things on it. Doesn’t it bother you when you observe a magnificent panoramic view of a city only to see the smog hovering over it.

Or when you drive down a picturesque country road and have to endure the sight of someone’s garbage at the side of the road. Or how about when you go for a swim in a beautiful lake and must avoid a mysterious substance floating on the surface. These are only a few examples of how our environment is becoming terrible polluted.

Harmful pollutants live in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we live on. All living things are affected by these pollutants and simply digesting them is making us ill and diseased. Unfortunately, there are many industries and individuals responsible for releasing these dangerous pollutants into our environment, and although, it may seem there is little an average person can do to help protect our environment, the opposite is true.

Whether we realize it or not, every single day we’re faced with decisions that directly affects our health and the health of our natural environment. These are decisions such as; how we dispose our garbage, what we put down our drains, what type of products we buy and use in and around our homes.

These choices and many others affect our health and the health of our environment. We simply need to identify these harmful pollutants, we unknowingly digest, and then reduce them. By adapting a healthy green lifestyle, we will clean the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we live on.

And if this becomes a common goal for all individuals, together we can make huge contributions to protect our environment.

Air Pollution Solutions:

The air we breathe is filled with hazardous pollutants that are deposited into our atmosphere by many industries. The precious air that plants, animals and humans need for survival. It’s imperative we practice air pollution solutions to benefit the health of all living things and the air they breathe.

 Water Pollution Solutions:

Hazardous pollutants also affect our water systems; our oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and most importantly, our drinking water. Without water, we would not survive, so it is critical we protect our water systems.

Certain industries and individuals make it common practice to dump and pollute our water systems every day without any concern of the enormous affects it has on living things.

If our water became so contaminated that both humans and animals could not rely on it anymore, it would be a disaster. Discover water pollution solutions that make a serious impact toward protecting our water systems and our health.

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Land Pollution Solutions:

Our beautiful land is also exposed to hazardous pollutants. The precious land we use to grow and feed the food we eat, the land we use for exercise and play, the land we need for our gardens and homes.

This precious land is subjected to harsh chemicals and hazardous dumping on a regular basis. It’s imperative we protect our land, the soil and our health. Learn how we can make a difference in helping to clean our land with land pollution solutions.

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Hazardous pollutants

A serious threat to our air, our water and our land, for these life supports are becoming seriously contaminated and as a result all living things are becoming diseased. One of the biggest pollutants and contributors to global warming is the houses we live in due to the carbon dioxide they pump into the environment each and every day through burnt fossil fuels from the power stations that supply us with electricity (amongst many other things).

Simply by making your home into more of an eco-home you can help reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your fuel bills. If you would like to know more about creating an eco-home check out my friend Jeremy’s eco-home-essentials website. There are many ways we can protect our environment, we simply need to practice a healthy green lifestyle, and we will greatly influence the amount of harmful pollutants deposited into our environment every day.

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 It’s simply too important to ignore. We must protect our environment.